U-MEDI membership benefits

Find A Doctor

Information on operating hours, available foreign languages, and medical treatment options are provided to help conveniently access a doctor specialized for your health needs. Also, hospital reservations can easily be made by contacting the person in charge.

Medical Insurance Claim

Are you having trouble claiming health insurance in Korea?  U-Medi will submit a claim for you. We guarantee payment and insurance claims after your payment.

Language Service

We provide our healthcare clients with a 360 degrees language coverage. This includes interpretation delivered by qualified interpreters, as well as on-site translation of all vital documents.

Free Medi Tour

Our medical tour includes the Check Up, Skin Up and Slim Up packages with an exclusive trip to major cities in Korea and a stay in a 4 or 5-star hotel. Explore Korea while visiting some of the major hospitals affiliated with us for your general health checkup, body and skin care treatment. Stay up to date with our events and promotions for more benefits and tours anywhere in Korea.

Medical & Health News

We also offer interactive health & wellness news that bring people together to address long-term lifestyle changes in an affordable, meaningful way.