Busan Medi Tour

U-medi, your trusted medical partner for life.

With the comfortability and health of our members in mind, we believe that what better way to make the best use of your insurance coverage than to have a full body checkup, along with an unforgettable trip, a stay in a luxurious 4-star hotel and other exclusive benefits. 

And, our services are customized to suit your health needs.

01. Wellness

Our wellness program includes the CheckUp, SkinUp and SlimUp packages with an exclusive tour in Busan. Explore Busan while visiting some of the major hospitals affiliated with us for your general health checkup, body and skin care treatment.

02. Tourism

Look around different places in Busan to fill your body and mind with the richness and passionate energy of Korean culture.

 Busan MEDI Tour Special Program

Check Up 

Prevention really is the best medicine.

- Aetna -

Check-up includes counseling, multiple screening test : Diabetes and cholesterol tests, Cancer screening and general disease including Circulatory disease.


A. The incidence of Five Cancers

B. The incidence of Five general 

    disease (Caridio vascular)

Skin Up

Beauty is not inborn, it is acquired.

- unknown -

Enjoy an exclusive skincare treatment in Korea, including basic skin care, laser skin treatment for whitening, tightening, blemish etc.


A. Basic Skin Care


A. Whitening, Blemish control 

B. Flush, Freckle removal 

C. Pore Tightening, Skin Elasticity 


A. Skin Tightening + Skin Botox

Slim Up

Don't lose fat the hard way, lose fat the smart way. 

- Awo Bonte - 

Join our SlimUp package to begin your journey to get your desired body shape. 

$550 (For one body part) 

A. CoolSclupting + X-wave

B. EM-Sculp + Vanquish me

$1,100 (For two body parts) 

A. CoolSculpting Geltics 2 ea + X-wave

B. EM-Sculp + Bankuish

**If you want the procedure done on more than 2 body parts, we will discuss and inform you of any extra charges.

Undergo a full body checkup in Busan for $2,000

1. Participants can undergo a full body checkup, along with the following benefits for only $2,000.

 - Checkup $1,700

  + Skincare and Slimcare 

 - Concierge cost $300

  +  Hotel Accommodation

  + Transportation

  + Landmark Tourism

2. This Special Offer is available for U-MEDI members ONLY.

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3.  We care about our members' insurance coverage. So, annual checkup  will be 100% reimbursed to make the best of your insurance benefits. 

Busan Tour Experience


DAY 1: Skin Up and Slim Up

Day 2: Full body checkup

Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

If you have any questions, please contact us

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