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Case Management

In Korea, there are medical cultural differences that prevent foreign patients from fully trusting them despite receiving a globally recognized medical skill assessment.

The only indicator of medical service is waiting time Decrease in service motivation due to the public's decision on medical expenses Interpreters who do not know the cost of treatment and staff who cannot speak foreign languages

U-MEDI develops international medical services and trains and has coordinators for each case to apply to hospitals. Foreign patients who occasionally make appointments can now be treated at the hospital without a dedicated staff member.

Ensure that assigned personnel are with the patient from beginning to end to continue communication with the hospital. The coordinator in charge of U-MEDI responds to risks that occur in hospitals and manages payment guarantee requests to insurance companies, medical records, and claim documents. 

To ensure that hospitals can only focus on treatment and diagnosis, and U-MEDI acts as a bridge to minimize disconnection.

Support Service

✔︎  Interpretation services by language

✔︎  Protocol by patient case

✔︎  Approval and billing of payments with overseas medical insurers

✔︎  Foreign patient follow-up care