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It is not easy to visit a hospital from a foreign country without a guardian. In Korea, it is not difficult to find a hospital with foreign language-speaking staff. However Hospitals with foreign language-speaking staff are located in large cities, or it is best to make a reservation on the same day. very difficult Moreover, if the pain is severe enough to twist your body, go to the hospital directly and apply. You have to go through several stages before you see a doctor.

Cost :     $40 in 2 hours




U-MEDI provides a non-emergency door-to-door hospital transportation service to individuals and groups who may need special support getting to and from their healthcare appointments. We also provide travel information to help you get around attractions nearby your hospital. Based on your need, we can suggest the most effective and efficient transportation options available. At the heart of our service is our commitment to customer service and quality. U-MEDI also offers online bookings, making reservations easy and straightforward. Find all the transport options for your trip to the hospital right here.

*Please contact us in non-emergency cases ONLY. In an emergency situation, please call 119

Make a Booking

To make a booking, please call 070-4639-0022 during our working hours or register below for our exclusive pickup and drop-off service anywhere in Korea.

Canceling a Booking

It is extremely important to remember to cancel your transport if your appointment is cancelled or rearranged. Please cancel your booking at least 24 hours before your appointment unless under special circumstances. Refunds might be available if payment is made prior to the appointment. Transportation service to/from the hospital or accommodation is available only for customers who opt for this service. U-MEDI, the trusted health partner for foreigners in Korea

Cost :     $100 In 20km



With our interpretation service, all hospital services will be provided in English.  Also, questions and concerns can be communicated in English as well.  Fill the form below to register for our interpretation service.

Cost :     $50 per case