Direct Billing Agreement

It serves as a bridge for hospitals to directly communicate with overseas insurance companies. 

Whether contracted or uncontracted, we take charge of the administrative processing of international patients 

so that they can fully focus on medical services.

Direct Billing 

Service Agreement

Direct billing service is generally difficult to understand in Korea. In general, there is no direct billing service in Korea. This is because of the well-established national health insurance system as a social security system and the familiar medical bill payment system. Foreign patients sign up through global overseas insurance companies for travel, business trips, and other purposes, but in Korea, it is difficult for individual hospitals to apply the payment system.

Direct billing is an billing arrangement between the health insurance company and a doctor (or other medical facility), where the medical facility sends bills for services directly to your health insurance company. This means that you do not have to put in a separate claim with your insurance company.

Although it is difficult, if such global services are introduced to hospitals, the convenience of foreign patients and indirect promotional effects can also be enjoyed. U-MEDI can serve as a bridge to the systemic parts that are difficult to internationalize on their own due to the Korean medical payment system and system. We can address the following issues that hospitals need to communicate with insurers.


✔︎  Check patient insurance benefits

✔︎  Usual medical cost estimate

✔︎  Obtain payment authorization

✔︎  medical insurance claim

✔︎  Billing Status Data Record Tracking