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24 May 2023
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I'm Dr. K, an internal medicine specialist at Dr.K-Medicare Clinic. Today, we will discuss the three most essential things in a diabetic’s diet: Which one works well? What else should I eat? What should I eat less? 

The critical thing in diabetes is reducing sugar intake by reducing carbohydrates. So other than the first meal, we can cut down on bread, rice cakes and noodles because all are made of flour and carbohydrates. The important thing is knowing the Clymic index. The sugar index is how quickly food is absorbed by your body, and that’s what the table shows for each food. So, a GI glycemic index below 55 is good food, and 70 and above is a high index. Since the GI is high, the sugar is absorbed too quickly and raised as fast as possible. Almost all bread, rice cakes, and noodles have a sugar level of 80 to 90 or higher. If the GI is this high, it absorbs incredibly quickly, raising your blood sugar level. That’s how insulin gets released. 

When blood sugar spikes, it’s a waste of insulin. That’s how the original resistance worsens, so you end up riding this vicious circle. You can stop this vicious cycle by reducing the number of times you eat bread rice cakes and noodles. Second, stop eating white rice and switch to brown rice and mixed-grain rice. White rice is absorbed in your body quickly, raising your sugar level above 90. Mixed grain rice makes you feel full and doesn’t absorb. So, of course, it’s easy to digest, and it’s easy to absorb. Grains with shells are delicious. What’s the third? You have to watch out for sugary foods. Don’t just drink anything. I wouldn’t say I like sports drinks. They are lumps of sugar. It’s absorbed as soon as it goes in. How about some snacks? Sweets, fried snacks, and everything like that, even fried carbohydrates. Hyperlipidemia is accompanied by diabetes. It can also cause high blood pressure. 

Also, if you overeat fruit, your sugar level goes up. And in the case of watermelon, early Gi is very high for 71 days. Sweet fruit like watermelon and grapes have empty blood sugar the next day. Fruit has lot of sugar, so it’s better to eat only fistful. So, remember, diabetes isn’t a disease where you should eat more, it’s one where you should eat less. You don’t have to look for anything else. If you want more information on diabetes and other health issues, please refer to Dr. K YouTube. Thank you.

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