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24 May 2023
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Case #1

Mr. Kim, an office worker in his 40s, had four teeth placed through implants at a newdental clinic near his house. After X-rays and a brief preliminary treatment the implants were completed. Six months after implantation, the gums were swollen and bleeding when chewing meat. The implanted teeth were also loose. Mr. Kim went to the dentist, who said it was because his gums were weak.

Case #2

Mr. Oh, an office worker in his 40s, found a place with rich clinical experience to get an implant. He meticulously found a dentist with extensive implant experience in Gangnam and made a plan for implant placement after going through an oral bacteria test, X-rays, and CT. In particular, through an oral bacteria test, it was said that many bacteria were detected in the gums where the implant was to be placed.

Recently, Korea’s implant surgery has been recognized in advanced countries thanks to its rich clinical experience and the efforts of medical staff. However, as implants become more common, concerns about implant side effects tend to increase. Implant side effects are cases where the implant is loose or falls out in severe cases. According to UC Gangnam Dental Clinic (Yoossi Gangnam Dental Clinic), which expanded and relocated to Eonju Station in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, implants go through meticulous examinations to increase the success rate from the time they are first placed. As mentioned above, implant placement is the same principle as planting a tree. Even if a severe storm comes, the gums must be strong, as if the root is firmly established in the soil, and the implant must be placed in such an environment. To this end, UC Gangnam Dental Clinic can identify the pre-periodontal disease and gum disease through an oral bacteria test. It detects microscopic bacterial activity in the oral cavity that is not visible on the surface, prevents gum disease and periodontal disease that may occur due to this, and enables safe implant placement. Oral bacteriological examination, an accurate dental diagnosis technique, is already standard in the United States and Europe, which are advanced countries in oral health. Still, only a few dentists in Korea are introducing examination equipment and systems. The benefit of oral bacteriological examination is that periodontal disease and expected diseases around implants to be placed can be identified in advance. This can increase the success rate by discovering the cause of the failure of the implant to be placed at an early stage. In addition, even without apparent symptoms such as tooth decay, overall oral health can be improved through the activity and distribution of bacteria in the mouth.

In addition, it has been pointed out that the high-speed rotary drill used for implant placement can damage tissues in the oral cavity due to severe frictional heat and vibration. It has been pointed out that the gum bone can be permanently damaged even if exposed to a temperature of 40 degrees for only 10 seconds.

Waterdrop laser implant

Waterdrop laser implant has the advantages of infection prevention through sterilization, minimization of anesthesia, effective and accurate treatment, and fast recovery after treatment. If considering an implant, it is also effective to check whether a water drop laser is used. In addition, teeth are located at the bottom of the face and affect the facial contours and jaw bones. It is recommended to use 3D CT for precise diagnosis when placing implants. According to UC Gangnam Dental Clinic, 3D CT allows accurate surgical planning to be established through 3D information. This has the advantage of shortening the surgical time, reducing the risk during implant placement, and being safe as the radiation exposure is 1/50 lower than that of general CT.

Jeong Hae-woong, representative director of UC Gangnam Dental Clinic, said, “Implants have become common, but now they are simply functional. Not the concept of supplementing lost teeth but a method that considers safe and comprehensive oral health it is necessary to consider Implant with a safer and higher success rate through oral bacteria test It is highly satisfying to receive treatment after fully understanding the treatment method and feel safe for a long time. It is a way to maintain a healthy tooth life with new teeth.”

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