Health Information Advanced 23-year vision correction surgery that increases visual acuity to 1.2 in one day

4 Sep 2023
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What kind of testing is done?

The eye examination conducted at Kaian Clinic is not just a test to look at visual acuity.

I will explain that the eye is  compared to a film camera a lot, but it is necessary to check whether the cornea (= lens) is of the right thickness or whether there is a problem with the retina (= film)

The examination takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes and provides comprehensive data on the eye.

 More than 70 diseases can occur in the eyes, and our hospital has three devices nationwide, including retinal examinations, to improve the quality of reviews.

 What is the best vision correction surgery?

There are three types of vision correction surgery: LASIK, LASEK, Smile LASIK, and lens insertion.

Many people ask me which is the best surgery and the best one suits my eyes.

However, the Smile LA method is the best recommendation if you have an eye that can perform all vision correction procedures.

Smilelasik is the most advanced laser method that uses a femtosecond second laser to correct vision, and it affects visual acuity up to 1.2 1 days after surgery.

In particular,  if you like to exercise or are active, we recommend the Smile LA type with a corneal incision of less than 2 mm.

Smilelasik, if you are worried about training?

When we say that we like to exercise, we often recommend two types of exercise: Lasek and Smile.

Previously,  LASIK was recommended when there were only two types of LASIK and LASEK, but now Smile LASIK is more recommended.

 The first of the reasons is that recovery is fast. Recovery is only a foreign body sensation for about 2~3 hours after surgery, and vision is restored. 

 It is possible to carry out daily activities from the next day, and the second is post-operative care. In the case of LASEK, 3~4 months are spent with eye drops.

You need to take care of the ultraviolet light, but the smiling type is easier to manage because you only need to use it for one month.

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