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7 Sep 2023
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With the increase in the use of electronic devices such as computers and smartphones in modern society, and the incorrect posture or maintaining the same posture for a long time, symptoms such as stiff neck and pain in the back are becoming more common.

In the early stages, the pain is usually neglected. Although a doctor is sought, it is usually only a matter of prescribing medication or injections to the pain area. However, this is only a stopgap measure.

If the body is distorted and deformed, such as the spine or joints, the pain will continue to recur if the underlying condition is not improved.

In today's busy society, there is a tendency to prefer non-surgical treatments that can be performed during a short period of daily life rather than surgery, which takes a lot of time to treat and recover. If you visit a hospital and diagnose the cause of your pain with equipment such as CT, X-ray, and ultrasound, and if the case is not severe enough to require surgery, it is possible to improve it with treatment alone through the judgment of a specialist.

■ Manual therapy

Manual therapy, which is one of the non-surgical treatment methods, is usually a method of relieving pain by using the hands to push and pull on the pain or needing correction and return the distorted joint to normal. Some people think of this as a type of massage, and manual therapy is a professional treatment conducted by a physiotherapist who has completed a specialized training course.

■ When manual therapy is required

1. If you have spinal and joint pain such as neck, shoulder, or lower back

2. If the shoulders, pelvis, and legs are unbalanced

3. If you need treatment for scoliosis, tortoise neck, or straight neck

4. If you need rehabilitation treatment after surgery

For effective manual therapy, choosing a hospital with equipment that can make detailed diagnoses, professional medical staff who can make accurate diagnoses, and experienced physiotherapists is essential.

Dr. K Medicare Clinic in Pyeongtaek operates a manual therapy clinic, and radiologists and physiotherapists are residents.


■ Dr. K Medicare Clinic - Located 20 minutes by car from Pyeongtaek Humphreys

■ Medical subjects

1. Internal Medicine (Chronic Diseases)

    - Intensive care and treatment for various diseases, such as chronic diseases and digestive diseases, are available.

2. Obesity treatment – obesity medicine, treatment (gastric balloon diet)

    - Meticulous obesity treatment and maintenance considering health and beautiful body lines are possible.

3. Manual therapy (chiropractic)

   - Physiotherapists who have completed specialized training perform systemic treatment using manual techniques and treatment tools.

4. Medical examination

    - We provide customized programs with systematic health checkup design.

5. CT/MRI/ultrasound

    - Conduct detailed examinations using high-accuracy inspection equipment such as MRI, CT, and ultrasound.

■ 1200 pyeong premium health checkup center

■ Equipped with an underground parking lot

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