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12 Dec 2023
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Dynamic Pressure Measurements & Orthotic Insoles: Step into the practice of the future

At Phits, we believe that revolutionary ideas have the potential to change lives. Our journey began over thirty years ago when visionaries Fried Vancraen, founder and CEO of Materialise, and elite athlete and engineer Jempi Wilssens, founder of RSscan, embarked on separate paths to transform the world of 3D printing and orthotics.

Jempi's innovation journey started with a humble copier in 1980 that evolved into the groundbreaking footscan in 1984. This integrated gait analysis solution combined a dynamic pressure plate with advanced software, providing quantifiable measurements, dynamic analysis, 3D visualizations, and more. Jempi's expertise expanded after working with Adidas, leading him to establish Runners’ Lab, a pioneer in personalized shoe design.

Not stopping at Runners’ Lab, Jempi founded RSscan International, an industry frontrunner with over 5,000 footscan users globally. RSscan introduced cutting-edge footscan software and pressure measurement systems for clinical, retail, and scientific applications.

In 2014, the visionary minds of Materialise and RSscan converged to launch RSPrint and Phits Insoles, the world’s first dynamic 3D-printed insoles. This collaboration aimed to revolutionize orthotics production, combining accurate analysis, design, automation, and 3D printing at scale.

In 2020, Materialise acquired RSscan's dynamic foot measurement technology and Phits Insole product line, forming Materialise Motion. This business line strives to advance research and development, offering a comprehensive digital toolkit—the Materialise Phits Suite.

Materialise Phits Suite: Transforming Patient Care

Materialise Phits Suite integrates 3D printing technology with advanced gait analysis, offering foot experts an unparalleled three-stage workflow. From scanning and measurement to automated insole design and 3D printing, Phits Suite enhances efficiency and accuracy.

Why Choose Materialise Phits Suite?

- Intuitive and User-friendly: Effortlessly design orthotics with a user-friendly interface.

- Highly Scalable: Accelerate analysis, diagnosis, and orthotic design to treat more patients efficiently.

- Enhance Patient Experience: Clearly communicate treatment plans and monitor progress with visualizations.

- True Customization: Tailor orthotics based on unique gait, lifestyle needs, and footwear preferences.

- Backed by Research: Continuous improvement through collaboration with leading universities.

- Powered by RSscan: Guided by 25+ years of experience in plantar pressure measurement technology.

Phits Orthotics: Custom 3D-Printed Comfort

Phits insoles, designed for everyday, narrow, wide, and sports shoes, offer true customization. From comfort to sports-specific designs, Phits Orthotics cater to diverse patient needs.

- Comfort: Ideal for everyday and semi-orthopedic shoes, customizable for various preferences.

- Narrow: Suited for dress shoes and limited spaces, catering to narrow or average foot widths.

- Wide: Perfect for wider shoes, providing support for larger heels or feet.

- Sports: Tailored for various sports, optimizing pressure transfer and enhancing performance.

Choose Phits Orthotics for unparalleled comfort, performance, and support tailored to your patients' unique needs.

Step into the Future with Phits

Join over a thousand practices, labs, hospitals, and universities that have embraced the transformative power of Phits technology. From dynamic gait analysis to 3D-printed orthotics, Phits is setting a new standard for patient care and expert workflow.

Experience the Future of Footcare with Materialise Phits Suite.

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