• Incheon City Award for Excellence Enterprise Award and Incheon Mayor Award
  • Samsung Life Brand Strategy Team Medical Marketing Planning

  • Patent application for the hospital appointment platform system and its method.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification
    (Operation and management of medical welfare, medical tourism, and health food shopping malls in the enterprise)
  • BC Health check-up Prepaid Card: Affiliated with over 80 specialized examination institutions nationwide
  • USFK Medical Bridge Awarded the plaque of appreciation
  • Incheon National University Family Company Certificate Awarded
  • Korea Tourism Organization's contract to promote medical tourism for USFK and their families
  • Incheon Tourism Organization's contract to promote USFK medical tourism in Korea

  • 'Stars and Stripes' contracts, Operating the 'Healthy and Living Guide' section
  • Conducting e-learning training for S1 affiliates and medical institutions; (approximately 200 companies)
  • Pyeongtaek Camp Humphreys PX mall Official Account Registration
  • UCSCA US Forces Korea Bazaar Sponsorship Appreciation Board
  • Orange Life (formerly ING Life) Customer Hospital Appointment Service

  • Opened Apple Repair Center at USFK Camp Humphreys
  • USFK Fam Tour hosted by 'Hilliance Sun Village'
  • Camp Humphreys 4th of July 'Independence Day'
  • Incheon University's Department of Embedded Engineering
    Selection of 'On-Site Customized Practical Product Research' Project 'One Click'
  • Lecture at the Catholic University's Institute of Internal Medicine.
  • Lecture at the Korean Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • FRL Korea (Uniqlo) Company Health Check-up
  • Orange Life (formerly ING Life) Customer Hospital Appointment Service

  • Registration of foreign patient attraction companies
  • Launching '20 Foreign Insurance Claim Platform 'One-Click'
  • Medical Tourism Fam Tour Organized by the Civil Affairs Office of the CFC.
  • Hosted by '20 Stars and Stripes' Incheon Medical Tourism Fam Tour
  • Camp Humphreys 'Harvest Festival' Incheon Medical Tourism Promotion Team.
  • Camp Humphreys Participation in the 4th of July event
  • Incheon Tourism Organization Partner Agency Selected

  • Incheon Tourism Organization's selection of attractive partners
  • Incheon Tourism Organization selected Incheon Tourism Startup