Health InformationIf you have arthritis, you should be careful using step machines

2 Mar 2022
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Step machines have been used by many people for a long time. If you are planning to use one, you'd better check your knee health in advance.

According to the medical community, step machines can have the same effect as going up and downstairs. This helps build muscles such as calves and knees to protect lower body health. However, experts say that people with arthritis should be extra careful.

If you have arthritis, you need to consult with a specialist before use. When using a step machine, the weight is placed on the knee, so the stepper can worsen their ailments.

In addition, even if there is no arthritis, knee health can be protected only by following proper usage, such as not touching the ground when stepping on the step machine bottom.

Ryu Seung-yeol, director of Himnaera Hospital, said, "The step machine can have the effect of going up and downstairs while indoors," adding, "If used steadily, it can have a good effect on lower body health."

However, he cautioned, "If you have arthritis, it can be dangerous regardless of the progress, so you must consult a specialist before using it."

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