Updates and news Changes in my social standing given by my proper weight

4 Jan 2023
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Fall is over and winter is coming! It's the season to gain weight!
Whether you are a man or a woman, weight control is a very important factor not only for health but also for social relationships.
Familiarity that passes by can be a coincidence, but it can also become inevitable. They say a first impression is the beginning of a relationship.
What is the most important thing in a first impression? a look? How to dress?
I think it's your body fit that looks healthy.
Think there's a difference between being skinny and being healthy!
We want to be healthy and slim.
Healthy slimness is created through long-lasting diet and exercise!
I'll try to predict the change in my social relationship given by the right weight.

  1. Buy goodwill from people around you.
  2. The vibe of my life becomes enjoyable through crush.
  3. My self-esteem increases and I become tolerant of others.

I'm not saying that other people's eyes are important!
It takes effort to restore my self-esteem! But if effort is time and money, will you make effort or spend time and money? It's our choice!

We are looking for someone like this!

✅ A person who has failed even after several diets
✅ A person with an obesity score of 30 or more
(obesity score = own weight / height (square))
✅ People diagnosed with diabetes at a young age
 ✅  Those who have sleep apnea and have an obesity index of 25 or higher

In Korea, severe obesity surgery has recently started to be covered by health insurance benefits!
Even the government is considering surgery for severe obesity as a treatment!
For those who see our mail and consult severe obesity surgery, we will give you a skin beauty treatment ticket!
I hope you don't miss this opportunity!

You who receive the email probably met through events or online events!
We are the only company in Korea that provides Korean medical service information for English-speaking foreigners.
We mediate medical services for friends who are comfortable with English, not for specific countries, such as USFK and their families, corporate expatriates, and foreign teachers.
They book appointments, research pricing information, and support insurance companies' payment guarantees.

There are also special discounts on medical expenses only for those who are interested, so if you want to keep your health, please contact us! And if you have any major medical problems, feel free to contact us!
In addition, you will be able to communicate in various ways!!

✨ Have a nice day! ✨

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