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19 Apr 2023
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Obesity in modern society comes unrecognized to us. It can lead inflamation to accumulate in the body, causing severe diseases such as cancer and cerebrovascular disease, and can cause serious injuries to major lower body joints such as the knee.

Although the numerous media cover the seriousness of obesity, most people have two thoughts: “It’s okay now” and “ I can lose weight later.” But when you’re trying to lose weight, your body will already be bloated beyond imagination.

The basic idea of “I’m fine now” is that no one around you will directly tell you, “You’ve gained a lot of weight, I think you’ll get a serious illness,” which can be demeaning toward your appearance. Instead, you remain completely unaware.

The thought “I can lose weight later” may show one is not aware of the urgency because they are more concerned about how inconvenient in daily work and life in would be to do something about the problem.

In conclusion, regardless of one’s will, we only realize the seriousness of the dark shadow of obesity when we hear shocking stories from others or when we feel that our physical condition is remarkably poor. 

Most will exercise hard and eat a healthy diet to get rid of the fat that has increased exponentially, but eventually most give up because even if they continue to do it with willpower, you won’t see rapid results.

In that case, an effective and immediate alternative we can think of is a procedure called “End-ball.”

The End-ball procedure is a safe diet method that helps control the amount of food eaten and induces weight loss by inserting a durable balloon with 100% sterile air into the stomach to help maintain a feeling of fullness.

It is performed through endoscopy without a surgical operation and corrects the wrong eating habits, which are the root cause of obesity, and helps to lose weight in a short period of time.

โ–  gastric balloon diet (endball treatment)

The gastric balloon diet is a procedure in which an endball balloon is inserted into the stomach through an endoscope for six months without surgical intervention. This procedure helps you lose weight by helping you maintain a constant feeling of fullness and control the amount of food you eat.

โ–  Advantages

1. Effective weight loss

It helps a lot in controlling the amount of food you eat, and you succeed in losing weight by an average of 18% after the procedure. The higher the BMI, the more influential the treatment will be, and the yo-yo phenomenon will not occur through improved eating habits. In particular, if there is an urgent need for dietary control, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, efficient treatment is possible.

2. Safe treatment

It is a safe procedure certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and the risk of complications is shallow. The process is performed in a short time of about 10 minutes through endoscopy (sleep), and there is no need for hospitalization because there is no wound after surgery, and the recovery period is short.


โ–  Dr. K Medicare Clinic - Located 20 minutes by car from Pyeongtaek Humphreys 

๐Ÿ“See the location

โ–  Medical subjects

1. Internal Medicine (Chronic Diseases)

 -  Intensive care and treatment for various diseases, such as chronic diseases and digestive diseases, are available.

2. Obesity treatment – obesity medicine,  treatment (gastric balloon diet)

 -  Meticulous obesity treatment and maintenance considering health and beautiful body lines are possible.

3. Manual therapy (chiropractic)

   - Physiotherapists who have completed specialized training perform systemic treatment using manual techniques and treatment tools.

4. Medical examination

    - We provide customized programs with systematic health checkup designs.

5. CT/MRI/ ultrasound

- Conduct detailed examinations using high-accuracy inspection equipment such as MRI, CT,  and ultrasound.

โ–  1200 pyeong premium health checkup center

โ–  Equipped with an underground parking lot


Dr. Kim, Ji Eun

Representative director of Dr. K Medicare Clinic


2004.02 – 2010.02 Graduated from Catholic University of Medicine n 2010.02 – 2011.02 Completed internship at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Catholic Medical University
2011.02 – 2015.02 Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Completion
2015.03. - 2016.03 Zenith Rehabilitation & Cancer Hospital Director of Internal Medicine
2016.11 – 2017.09 Served as Vice President of Kwon Internal Medicine Clinic
2019.05 - 2022.07 Songdam Sungmo Internal Medicine Representative Director



Dr. K Medicare Clinic, located in Pyeongtaek, runs an obesity clinic and conducts End-ball procedures to help solve the problem of obesity.

Representative director of Dr. K Medicare Clinic, Kim Ji-eun, received the procedure herself and tried to prove its objectiveity.

In addtion, Dr. K Medicare Clinic operates a health examination center, internal medicine treatment, manual treatment clinic, and child development clinic.

Dr. K Medicare Clinic is confident that it will be a great total medical center for foreigners residing in Pyeongtaek.

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