About U-MEDI

From finding a doctor in Korea optimized  for your health condition to insurance claim!

U-medi is a medical tourism company that assists foreigners in accessing healthcare in South Korea, through services such as finding a doctor at major domestic hospitals, hospital interpretation and is selected as a partner of the Incheon Tourism Organization to attract foreign patients.

U-medi's services also help the USFK use domestic medical institutions more conveniently, and currently operates in specialized medical institutions in Incheon. In addition to hospital medical treatment, it offers additional concierge services, Incheon tourism products and is linked to the Incheon city medical tourism business.

U-medi's services provide 1) more information on Incheon medical institutions for the USFK and foreigners in Korea 2) hospital interpretation and transportation services, and helps with all steps before and after the USFK's visit to Incheon.

  • 14 years experience in medical consulting
  • Hospital reservation and general health checkup service through affiliated hospitals in Korea
  • Launching and marketing of medical wellness tourism products targeting USFK
  • Operating USFK Camp Humphreys Apple Repair Center